Minimalist Interior Design Trend 2018-2019

Tuesday, October 19th, 2021 - Interior Design

Nobody likes to live in a cluttered house. Trust me, everyone tries their best to keep their room tidy and polished. Which then leads the designer to make a new trend, as an answer to the needs. Minimalist interior design, is an answer, a solution, for people who are tired to live in a cluttered environment. Clutter house that’s full of unused stuff makes them feel stuffy and annoyed. But say bye to clutter house because right now, you no longer live with them. Thanks to the interior home design that makes minimalist home style a thing, a successful trend.

Living minimal means that we throw away all things we no longer need. Stop saying “what if someday I need this” and start saying “I don’t need this now. Even before, I haven’t used this in a long time. So it’s time to throw this thing.” Living with minimalist home design will definitely make your room look super sophisticated.

The major key to start living minimalist is to empty every surface that looks cluttered. Ask yourself what can be eliminated, and give them to other people who need them more. This won’t happen in a night, of course, so every day you have to do this consistently. Make a rule to yourself that you will at least throw 3 items away until you think, you only have what you need. Keep yourself to only have essential items. With that be creative with the organization.

It’s not minimalist if it has too much color. So make sure your house only have a neutral color. Make sure that they’re not too bright like neon yellow, aqua, teal, etc. White is the most recommended color by house expert for the minimalist house. But other colors you can choose are black, cream, gray, or chocolate. It looks clean and gives the owner a sense of calm. Which is the ultimate purpose of having a minimalist designed house.

Keep everything you have simple. For example, if you have a nice dining table, keep it square and in one color. And that’s it. It’s stylish enough for a minimalist house. Don’t bother to buy stuff that have a too heavy or too loud decoration. I don’t say they’re ugly and bad, but they just don’t go with the flow you’re going for, which is minimalist style. If you want a nicely design stuff for your house, sure buy it. But choose the one that’s simple and not too much.

Minimalist House Design Cubic Structure Openness Rear Exterior

Having a lot of stuffs doesn’t necessarily mean that your house look better. When living minimalist, try to only buy stuff you need. Pick the stuff that has a good quality. Forget stuff that has poor quality. You’ll thank me on this one. Although you might have to splurge more on buying high-quality stuff, if it lasts longer and goes with the minimalist design you’re aiming, then why not? Although the cheaper stuff will definitely cost you less money, they might not be as high quality as the more expensive one. So be wise with your spending.

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