Create a Serene Aura by Planting a Papyrus Houseplant

Monday, July 12th, 2021 - Houseplant

Papyrus houseplant is a unique indoor plant that grows in water or soil. This plant can be one of your houseplants if you want to grow an indoor plant in your house. It can be placed in any corner of your house which is supported by bright light.
Papyrus or known as umbrella grass is a versatile plant that very easy propagated because it grows quickly. The papyrus or cyperus has long leafless stems which look like an umbrella. It has to very heights from 18 inches to 4 feet or more.

This plant is native to the swamps of Madagascar and has over 500 related species. If you are a fan of plant you can try to grow this plant because the plant is adaptable to the home. You can just take a 4 to 6 inches cutting and suspend it in water. The roots will emerge and you can place the new plant in the soil. This aquatic plant needs to have the roots as wet as possible so that it can grow up to 4 feet tall outside.

The main concern to care for a papyrus houseplant is related to the moisture level and consistency. The papyrus roots is never be allowed to dry out because it can cause the leaf tips become brown. You also must never be allowed to overwater a papyrus houseplant because it can affect the damage through rotting. The right time to water it is when the temperatures go very low and you should try to provide a high level of water saturation to keep the papyrus houseplant healthy and lush looking at all times.

One thing needs to be remembered is the right temperature of this plant. A temperature range for papyrus houseplant is between 10oC to 22oC. Be careful if this plant gets too warm because it will cause a rapid drying of the soil. The constant moisture at the roots will raise the humidity levels around the plant.

Giant Papyrus Houseplant For Backyard Plant Ideas

When talk about decorating a home, you can easily think of many ways to do it. But there is one thing you can try to adorn your room that is decorating plant. Planting a papyrus houseplant can increase the oxygen levels in your home. Place this plant near brick walls or sharp corners in the room. Making a softer area by planting a plantcan create a relaxed and more comfortable feeling in the space.

Create a Serene Aura by Planting a Papyrus Houseplant Pictures

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