Top Trend House Plan Design for 2018-2019

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Here is a list of Trend House Plan ideas to assist you to design the perfect room for your project. There are 2BHK, 3BHK, 4BHK and More.
Who doesn’t want to have a house? Nowadays many developers do sell a lot of land and houses. With this increasing amount of property, of course, we have to invest in some. Buy a house that has great value not only for you, but also for you future family.

This article will tell you about how to have a nice house plan design as told by many professional interior designer. You sure want to read this in order to maximize the value of your house. This article will focus on Trend House Plan big house, or house that has more than 2 bedrooms. There are 3 bedroom house, 4 bedroom house, and 5 bedroom house.

3 bedroom house plan

This house, although still large, is the smallest out of all that’s reviewed in this article. This house is perfect for young parents who has children. Why? Because you can make separate room for you and your childred. Not only that, there’s still one room left for guest to sleepover. It’ll be even better if you can build a private bathroom inside the main room, so that you don’t have to share bathroom with other people. A nice adding to your bedroom is of course, a stylish built-in closet. In there you can store your clothes and accessories. Having this kind of house is a nice example and ideal way of living in urban environment.

4 bedroom house plan

This house offers people a great way of living, especially if you live with children and possibly your parents as well. The main room is of course for you and your spouse. The second room is for you child. The third room can also be for your other child. Lastly, the fourth room should be a guest room or maybe a room for your parents, if they choose to live together with you. It’s really nice to have a spacious house because you get to design all of them the way you want. If you have pets, they will be happy as well because they can run around in a spacious place. When having house this big, it’s possible to have 2 living rooms, and what’s more fun is you can arrange them slightly different with one another. So you definitely can express your creativity by arranging every room in this house.

5 bedroom home plan

This is the largest house out of all in this list. This house should be very enough for you and your child. It might even be enough for your parents and perhaps other siblings to stay. When having this huge house, it will be even better if you have outdoor space. This outdoor space can be used for park. Of course you children and your pet will thank you. They’ll have their own park to play all day long. It’s great as well if you can build a small pool near the park. When you provide all this, I can assure your children will be the happiest of all and your pet will behave nicely.

Trendy Architectural Plan 3 Bedroom House 2018

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